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The flavors are the most important… You are the Chef! With large cast iron stove, the BioduChef will ensure an unforgettable exaltation of flavors. Thanks to the large cast iron cooking plates, the Chef'sBio will ensure you an unforgettable exaltation of flavors. The cooking plates are equipped with an ECOCLEAN surface treatment to make their use simpler and cleaner. But the Chef'sBio oven is there too to help you build a personal message. By the fire, of course! Because, if we all have already experienced the pleasure of tasting a good roast, there are very few of us who know how to create this pleasure. From now on, tools count! And the oven is a real tool of a Cuisine Pro! Designed as a heat envelope, the oven does not produce energy, but only uses heat that comes from the wood burning. The result? A constant and homogeneous cooking of your dishes at low and high temperatures.


Heat solution

Bio 8 hours

Let's break the rules ...   The Bio8hours technology is at your disposal! We have developed an exceptional device that perfectly controls the combustion of the wood burning, an almost autonomous system that allows you to live serenely because it knows how to be forgotten, a device that manages all the heating even when you are away. Its secret is a great operation autonomy combined with a system of active energy reuse at the end of the combustion. The purpose? The energy produced by Bio8hours stays at home! The result is stunning! It fuses in a single unit all that makes the Chef’sBio unique with new functions such as heating your Home and Water.

Hot water
Customization skills... a language

For us, cultivating a enchanted look at objects is essential. Our main competence is the personalized development of the materials we work. We know them by heart! They are the syllabary of our language. Even if they insinuate, react, respond, flatter, sulk, they will deliver a clear message. For us, the choice of colors, the agreement of contrasts, the unlikely association of the materials have a specific objective: to make this language readable for you; to stage a dialogue which will hold your attention; to make you live the experience of a very attractive aesthetic interpellation. We are proud of our know-how! We use it every day at the service of each project because your device does not exist yet. It's up to us to help you imagine it! It's up to us to make it to detail so that it can become a star that blends into your living space.

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Simple and beautiful

With a great aesthetic purity, the CLASS model represents a highly anticipated result for lovers of contemporary beauty. The fluidity of its lines, the absence of buttons, the harmony of the contrasts express the image of a penetrating sophistication. Declined in various colors, this finish is particularly adapted to modern kitchens with functional aesthetics, integrating them with a strong presence.

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The tradition can be modern

Here is an aesthetic success filled with emotion because it integrates with sophistication the values of the tradition. Today, feeling the warmth of products of the past is unthinkable because of their functional limitations and needs for fitting. To overcome this impasse, the choice to produce the FHE was the subject of a strong conceptual reflection and the establishment of a very specific delivery list. We think that the result is very successful because it´s a beautiful harmony between the past, the present and the future. Available in various colors, the FHE has also been designed to bring out loyalty and peaceful presence.

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The tradition is accomplished

Designed for beautiful country houses, the FH displays a very strong aesthetic presence that will reveal itself in the detail of each of its lines. The polished stainless steel handles assume a very successful aesthetic function in the enamelled aspect of the device. The details play a key role because the challenge is to sublimate the image of tradition. Available in various colors, the FH can also integrate the most classic kitchen furnishings or to be a very beautiful workspace.

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